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Posh Belly's Kitchen is your source for gluten free, Low FODMAP, and SIBO Friendly recipes that are so delicious that no one would know that they are "free from." These delectable delights allow for safe options so that you and your loved ones will be free from pain. We hope that you enjoy your stay!



What is The Daily Feed??

I will be bringing you scrummy new gluten free, FODMAP Friendly, and SIBO Safe Low Fermentation recipes soon but in the meantime, I wanted to let you know what The Daily Feed is all about. In the "Product Announcement" section of this feed, I will introduce new and exciting products. In "Tips, Trick, and Smarts", I will share tips and tricks for dealing with celiac disease, IBS/SIBO, and tips for cooking within the restrictions of altered diets like gluten free, the Low FODMAP diet, and Dr. Pimentel's Low Fermentation Diet and much more. "What's on the Menu" is a sample of my own daily feed where I will share simple recipes, meal ideas, and suggestions for dining out safely within these altered diets. 

By the way, for those of you who knew me when I was younger, the drawing on these oven mitts is not an image of me nor is it an image of Tori Spelling. 😉

Live Free Foods Certified FODMAP Friendly Ranch Dressing

Live Free Foods Certified FODMAP Friendly Ranch Dressing