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Live Free Foods Certified FODMAP Friendly Ranch Dressing

Live Free Foods Certified FODMAP Friendly Ranch Dressing

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Live Free Foods.  All photos, opinions, thoughts, and recipes are my own.

I will confess that when I was a child I had a love affair with ranch dressing. I had a few flings with Thousand Island dressing because it was a fun and easy, child-friendly recipe to make at home. My love for ranch continued through my time at university where I learned to drizzle it over pizza for an added layer of flavor. Once I started making my own vinaigrettes, ranch and I drifted apart. The certified Low FODMAP ranch dressing by the exciting new company Live Free Foods has rekindled the flame. One of the most exciting things about this dressing from Live Free Foods is that it contains NO xanthan gum! Take a peek at the labels from other brands the next time that you are at the market and you will see that this is exceedingly rare. Beyond that, the taste and texture of this dressing are bar none. This ranch dressing is so thick and creamy that it makes a fantastic dip. As I was prepping for these photos, I couldn’t help but stuff my face with carrot sticks dipped in the ranch. Not a drop dripped! I would definitely put this dressing out with crudité as a delicious, no fuss snack before a dinner party or on game day. 

Pssst…Check out the back of this gorgeous bottle! Notice anything exciting?? Be sure to check out the extended version of this POSH BELLY'S KITCHEN’S SPICY RANCH CHICKEN SALAD recipe along with some fun serving ideas!!




This amazing dressing is now available on Amazon Prime!

I have verified that, while these products are not certified gluten free, they are made on gluten free equipment. Furthermore, I have tested a sample in a NIMA Sensor and the  test showed gluten free. (Please review the limitations of testing with a NIMA Sensor on their website.)

BONUS RECIPE: Easy Weeknight Vegetarian Pizza with Ranch | Gluten Free + Low FODMAP


Pizza crust {Choose gluten free and/or Low Fodmap as necessary.}
Chopped or grated fresh mozzarella di bufala
Grated aged mozzarella
Grated parmesan
Olive oil
Sliced zucchini
Sliced mushrooms {Choose Low FODMAP varieties such as black trumpet or king oyster if necessary.}
Sea salt and fresh ground pepper
Live Free Ranch Dressing


Sprinkle cheese over pizza crust and cook according to the crust instructions.

Meanwhile, over high heat sauté the zucchini and mushrooms in olive oil until cooked through. Season to taste with salt and pepper while cooking. The high heat will make this go quickly and add a lovely caramelization.

Remove cooked pizza from oven. Place cooked zucchini and mushrooms on top of pizza and sprinkle with fresh arugula leaves and za'atar. Drizzle on your delicious ranch dressing. Enjoy!

Please note: These quick and easy recipes do not contain measurements because they are meant to be casual work night meals. Please adjust portions as needed for size of pizza and be sure to check your FODMAP apps for safe portions of all ingredients.

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What is The Daily Feed??